Mr. Maltz had much delicacy, and caught the questing, improvisatory spirit [of Mozart]
— The New York Concert Review

NPR Sonatas & Soundscapes

"To be able to walk the streets of these great masters [in Vienna]... to be steeped in that tradition and that ethos. It all made sense to me as the music I've connected with."


Aiken Standard

"Sharing a piano bench with my dad as a 4-year-old is why I'm a pianist today. To premiere his piano concerto on a new Steinway is a beautiful way to honor our bond."

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He is one of the rare young artists nowadays searching for the ‘truth’ in music.
— Robert Lehrbaumer

The Florence Morning News

"... a young man with a mature sense of responsibility to both his profession and his world."

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The Augusta Chronicle

"There are places out there that are hungry for art, and it's our duty to get it to them.”

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Daniel has a keen insight into – and passion for – music, which lend to his interpretations a depth and commitment that is quite uncommon...
— Gil Sullivan

Emmanuel College

"He played beautifully with sensitivity and expression."

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The Greenville News

“At age 21, Maltz has already established himself on the classical concert circuit.”

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