Classical Cake Premieres on October 22

Coming in October: Classical Cake, the podcast about Vienna’s music and culture. Join Daniel as he explores Viennese classical music with experts and shares the extraordinary culture of Vienna.

You will hear from respected guests, such as: Malcolm Bilson, Paul McNulty, Rita Steblin and Ingomar Rainer.

The first six episodes feature interviews where you’ll:

  • Solve the mystery of Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved

  • Be challenged about what you think you know about interpreting music

  • Realize why fortepianos are essential to today’s classical musicians

  • Uncover how Joseph Haydn went from disgraced choirboy to celebrated composer

  • Discover how historical practices affect modern interpretations on the piano

Get a slice of Vienna when Classical Cake debuts on October 15.

Daniel Maltz